2017 Pattern Recognition


at InterAccess
11am – 6pm, Tuesday – Saturday
Open until 8pm, Wednesday

This year, Vector’s flagship exhibition explores the mediation of human perception through algorithms and machines. It features new works by artists based in Canada, the US, and the UK, including Virtual Reality pieces, video installations, interactive sculptures, and digital environments. Together, the works shown raise questions such as: What might it mean to see like a machine? Do LED screens have optical nerves? What kind of vision emerges when artists attempt close readings of software code? How do artificial intelligences perceive their surroundings, and how do they make sense of narratives about AI? Is the social and political meaning of images lost when such images are simulated and commodified? As in previous years, the exhibition showcases both emerging and established artists, and brings into dialogue an exciting mix of creative perspectives that experiment with new and established digital technologies.