2014 Impedance: Games + Resistance. (@ InterAccess)

Exhibition open from Feb 8-23,
InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, 9 Ossington Ave
Wed 12-8pm / Thur 12-6pm / Fri 12-8pm / Sats 12-6pm


Featuring works by: Molleindustria w/ Jim Munroe, Alex Myers, Kent Sheely, Lucas Pope,
Soha El-Sabaawi, Martin Le Chevallier, Gordan Savicic, RuneStorm,
Andy Campbell & Mez Breeze, Oscar Raby.

Join us for a special exhibition opening reception on Feb 8th from 4pm-7pm!

Videogames are increasingly becoming tools to address contemporary politics and act as forms of resistance. As catalysts for critical conversations surrounding a broad variety of issues, game artists produce works that critique real world issues as much as they reflect on the medium of digital games.

Impedance: Games + Resistance is an exhibition featuring works by artists who use the medium of games to comment, reflect, and provoke. Addressing the politics of surveillance, warfare, race, mass media and propaganda, privacy , violence in games and media, and more, these works challenge visitors to engage with difficult issues by interacting with interactive installations, text adventure games, art games, and game modifications.

We are pleased to announce that Impedance will open two weeks before the festival begins, with an opening reception on Feb 8 from 4pm-7pm.  The exhibition will remain open during InterAccess’ regular operating hours prior to the festival (Wed from 12pm-8pm, Thursdays from 12pm-6pm, Fridays from 12pm-8pm, and Saturdays 12pm-6pm). During the festival, the exhibition will be open with amended times to accommodate our performances, panels and screenings happening at other venues.

Join us Saturday, Feb 22nd for a special panel discussion centered on this exhibition.