2014 Dames Making Games’ February Speakers’ Social

Sat, Feb 22nd 5pm-7pm.
@Bento Miso (862 Richmond St. W)


On the Saturday afternoon of Vector 2014, join local videogame collective Dames Making Games in this special edition of their monthly speakers’ social. What is a DMG speakers’ social? Each month DMG invites female members of the local game making community to give presentations about their creative and critical undertakings. In addition, this social will feature a showcase of over a dozen games made at the Vector sponsored game jam: Feb Fatale 2, the Glitch is Back, which happened at the beginning of February.

We are happy to announce that Vector Alum Rachel Weil aka PartyTime! Hexcellent, who was a performer and panelist at Vector 2013 will be giving a presentation at the DMG social:

“Breaking Out of 8-bit Hell: The Retropolitical in Game Design”

Contemporary indie games frequently draw on retro aesthetic devices such as pixel art and 8-bit sound. But why? In this DMG talk, games researcher Rachel Simone Weil will discuss the sociopolitical implications of retro aesthetics in video games and how designers can discard, use, or abuse stylistic tropes in the creation of their own games.

Rachel Simone Weil is a Design MFA candidate at the University of Texas where she studies retrogame and retrocomputing cultures via girlhood nostalgia. She develops games and art installations for the NES game console under the alias Party Time! Hexcellent! and is also the founder of the FEMICOM Museum.