2014 Creating and Collaborating with Sound in Second Life

Saturday, Feb. 22nd. 1pm-5pm.
@Bento Miso (862 Richmond St. W)


Join Tina M. Pearson of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse for a workshop on the basics of listening, soundmaking and creating live group audiovisual and soundart performances inside a virtual world. Tina will share her experience and knowledge as a sound artist, giving attendees hands on knowledge for creation and play within the workshop and beyond.

The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse is a global collective that has been investigating the potentials of real time audio visual telematics in the virtual world since 2007. The concepts and designs of several  of AOM’s custom virtual audiovisual / animation instruments will be referenced, and tools will be given for participants to begin to conceive and create their own instruments.

The workshop will touch on connection spaces between virtual, dream and other worlds, mixed reality and hybrid performance practice, and making soundart in the contexts and cultures of social networking and game art. The virtual world of Second Life will be explored as a conceptual space, an instrument, a venue and a collaborative interface that gives a framework for inquiries into identity, belonging, perception, perspective, and other themes concerning the extension of mind and body into and through technology.

Tickets = $15 (online registration only)

Prerequisites: Participants need to download Second Life, create an avatar, purchase a minimum of 500 Linden dollars (about $3 – $4 Canadian) and have achieved modest facility with modes of operation within Second Life before the class. This will require a minimum of 2 hours of preparation time.

TINA M PEARSON‘s fascination with sonic phenomena, perception and modes of human interaction has led to roles in art, education and community development. Many of her projects reside in the blur between disciplines, cultures and species, and between creators, performers and audiences. Pearson composes and performs in acoustic, electronic and telematic settings with conventional, found, invented and virtual instruments. Her music has been commissioned for dance, video, radio and spoken word performances in Europe and North America. Tina was editor of the journal Musicworks and an instructor at OCAD University. She performs with the global collective Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and the Victoria, Canada groups LaSaM and Open Action.