Vector 2014

With a growing influence that is spreading across many cultures and sub-cultures throughout the world, video games are a pervasive medium that influence a wide range of social and cultural practices.

The Vector Game + Art Convergence Festival is a participative, not-for-profit, community-oriented initiative dedicated to showcasing contemporary game-based artworks. The festival will be running at multiple venues over five days, from Feb 19 to 23 in Toronto, Canada. Vector 2014 will feature exhibitions, screenings, workshops, performances and round table discussions, all with the ambition to create a critical dialogue around the medium of games and its expressive potential as a contemporary art practice.

Programmed by Team Vector, Vector 2014 will address creative practices that unpack the culture of gaming in its many forms, positing games as tools and inspiration for contemporary art-making and social critique. The festival will feature works by emerging as well as established artists from local, national and international backgrounds, many of whom will be in attendance. The works presented engage the culture, politics, technology, and aesthetics of games playfully and/or critically. They cover a wide spectrum of media, including sculpture, film and video, installation, new media, print, textiles and performance.

Team Vector is committed to paying artist fees to all individuals and groups contributing to the festival, and to keep the festival events broadly accessible.

Image courtesy of Dorkshelf. Vector Fest 2013.

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