Past Media Coverage


Vector Festival 2015:

Dan Epstein. Vector Fest Explores the Art of Interfaces

Review/ Interview by Rich Oglesby on Booooooom


Vector Festival 2014:

Built To Play Podcast #29. A Vector Based Romance. 

Built To Play Podcast #30. Speak for Yourself. 

Zack Kotzer. Now Magazine. Pushing Beyond the Buttons. 

Micheal Lyons, Critical Approach: All is well in Republia, A Queer Notion, 


Vector Game + Art Convergence 2013:

Interview by Greg J. Smith on Creative

Interview with James Fowler on

Review/ Interview by Megan Patterson on The Toronto Standard.

Review/ Interview by Dan Epstein on DorkShelf.

Preview/ Interview on YorkU’s newsite YFile.

Review of Vector 2013 by Natalie Zed.

3 Part Review of Vector 2013 by Soha el Sabawwi on 4Player Network: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Vector from Amy Pagnotta on Vimeo.


Vector x Videofag’s Queer Arcade:

Preview/ Interview by Michael Lyons on Toronto is Awesome.

Preview by Andrew Jacome on Daily Xtra.