Team Vector has been fortunate to receive quite a bit of media coverage of the various projects that we’ve undertaken since forming in 2012. Take a look at some of the discussions we’ve had about the intersection between games and contemporary art.

Queer Arcade, July 27-28 @Videofag
Toronto is Awesome – Article by Mike Lyons.
The Daily Xtra -Article by Andrew Jacome.

Vector Game + Art Convergence Festival 2013 (web/ print coverage).
Akimbo — Interview with skot by James Fowler.
Creative Applications — Interview with skot by Greg J. Smith
4player Productions — Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 — by Soha El-Sabaawi
Dorkshelf — by Dan Epstein
Toronto Standard— by Megan Patterson

Vector Game + Art Convergence Festival 2013 (video coverage).

Members of Team Vector and some of the festival’s participating artists on Space Channel:

      Special Episode of This Spartan Life featuring an interview with Skot inside a surreal Halo multiplayer map.



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