Participating Artists

Below you will find all of the artists, curators and organizations that contributedto Vector 2014! We are honored to have presented such high caliber work for the second year in a row.

Clint Enns
Isabelle Arvers
Sarah Brin + Lee Tusman (Punk Arcade)
Cindy Poremba
Marie Foulston
Members of Dames Making Games
Rachel Weil aka PartyTime! Hexcellent!
James Kirkpatrick/ Thesis Sahib
Cybernetic Orchestra
Avatar Orchestra Metaverse
Angela Washko
Eric Schockmel
Hye Young Kim
Marieke Verbiesen
Oratorio Tangram (Rob Gallagher and Lawrence Horstman)
Molleindustria w/ Jim Munroe
Alex Myers
Kent Sheely
Lucas Pope
Soha El-Sabaawi
Martin Le Chevallier
Gordan Savicic
RuneStorm (Nolan Richert, Arn Richert, Logan Richert)
Andy Campbell & Mez Breeze
Oscar Raby
Eric Powell
Brandon Edgar Allan
Eddo Stern
UCLA GameLab
Jeff Thompson
Florent Deloison
James Kirkpatrick
Stephen Ascher
Connor Campbell & Corey Dean & Jeremy Nir
Felan Parker

Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart
Mary Ellen Bute
John Whitney, Sr.
John Stehura
James Whitney
Stan Vanderbeek and Kenneth Knowlton
Lillian Schwartz
Pierre Hébert
Peter Foldès
Félicien Goguey & Benjamin Bartholet
Edouard Taufenbach
Florian Dieude
Chris Hawlett
Entter + Goto80
Mary Flanagan
Georgie Roxby Smith
Knut LSG Hybinette
Victor Morales
Anita Fontaine
Baden Pailthorpe
Merrit Kopas
Ben Esposito/Arcane Kids
Ilya Zarembsky

MajorBueno (Benedikt Hummel and Marius Winter)
Daniele Guevara
Jason Corace 
Michael Wilde
Benedict Fritz
Simon Wiscombe






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