Day Zero: Voight-Kampff | Pre-Festival Social and Screening


at Electric Perfume
8pm – 11pm
Screening at 8:30pm

A tradition since the founding of Vector, Day Zero blends the aesthetics of the experimental and the popular. Featuring works by artists selected from our open call, combined with short works from popular culture, this year’s screening explores how popular and experimental practices deal with the question of the post-human.

Works by Peter Rahul, Udit Mahajan, Marta Di Francesco, and Tillmann Ohm will be screened.

Also, check out Curious Cabinets, an arcade exhibition currently on view at Electric Perfume, presented in association with Hand Eye Society and Spritebox Arcade with funding from Toronto Arts Council.

Curious Cabinets is a free 1-month exhibition devoted to the exploration of video game arcade hardware and public play. The exhibition will feature 8 games created for two custom arcade machines — the One-Button Torontron and the SpriteBox. 

Click here to learn more about the artists featured in Curious Cabinets.