Vector 2013

The inaugural edition of Vector Game + Art Convergence took place in February 2013. For 5 days, more than 70 artists, scholars and makers participated in our multi-venue programming, which included:



Other Worlds. (@ Interaccess)
Curated by Prosthetic Knowledge+mrghosty.
Artists: Luis Hernandez, Alex Myers & Jeff Thompson, Lea AlbaughArcane Kids, Ed Key & David Kanaga, Alan Kwan, Cyril Lecomte-Languérand, and Axel Shokk.

Games as procedural landscapes. Addressing the psychogeography of imaginary worlds.

Ludacy(@Bento Miso)
Curated by Christine Kim. 
Artists: Damian Sommer, Alex Martin (Droqen) and Cale Bradbury (Net Grind)

An experimental workshop/ exhibition project which takes 3 young game designers and asks them to transform their games into new media art installations. (@ Propeller)
Curated by Team Vector.

Artists: Kenton Sheely, notendo (Jeff Donaldson), anna anthropy, Christian Streinz, Aaron Oldenburg, Jose Acosta, Jason Nelson, Myfanwy Ashmore, Gavin Bailey, Tom Corby & Jonathan Mackenzie, Hannah Epstein, Alex Myers, and coll.eo.

Vector’s game art survey show. This exhibition surveys the myriad of practices that fall under the umbrella of game art creative production. Video, photography, art games, textile and more.



(Mat Lindenberg’s Election: Total War.)

(all screenings programmed by Vector Co-Director Clint Enns, except for SuperCade + F@n F_ckery, which are co-programmed by Clint and skot deeming)

Wednesday, February 20: @ Propeller.
Stranger Comes to Town: Identity and the Avatar.
Co-Presented by VideoFAG

Exploring the politics of the avatar in relationship to identity by examining massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), technologies of biometrics and the border that separates our real identity with our digital selves.

She Puppet – Peggy Ahwesh (2001, 15 minutes)
Facial Weaponization Communiqué: Fag Face – Zach Blas (2012, 8 minutes)
Untitled #2 – Valerie Brewer  (2007, 12 minutes)
Stranger Comes to Town – Jacqueline Goss (2007, 28 minutes)
Second Bodies – Sandra Danilovic (2009, 44 minutes)

Friday, February 22, @ Propeller
Meditations on the Medium.

What do a classic video game cabinet, a tv, and a snack dispenser have in common? How are they different? This program reflects on the nature of the medium.

Total Power, dead dead dead – Stephanie Barber (2005, 3 minutes)
Best Flamewar Ever – Eddo Stern (2007, 15 minutes)
Driven – Scott Stark (2005, 8 minutes)
Extranormal – Beflix (Ant Scott) (2011, 2 minutes)
Turku Goes Oukkidoukki – Gun Holmström (2005, 8 minutes)
Think – Meesoo Lee (1999, 3 minutes)
Another Day of Depression in Kowloon – IP Yuk-Yiu (2012, 15 minutes)

Saturday Morning, February 23, @ Bento Miso.
Bonus Stage 1: Supercade!

A special screening of animation, commercials and other ephemera from the history of game culture’s intersection with broadcast television. We invite you to bring your children and your inner-child to spend Saturday morning eating sugar cereals and watching classic cartoons inspired by your favorite video games.

Saturday Night, February 23, @ Propeller.
Awaiting the End of the Beginning.

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Exploring the competitive nature of video games and the desire for simulated violence.

Wild Gunman – Craig Baldwin (1978, 20 minutes)
tape loading error – s.ara (2012, 3 minutes)
Vacation Suit – Paul Atkins & Ian Campbell (2010, 5 minutes)
Personal – Kathleen Daniel (2012, 3 minutes)
Self Destruction for Eternity – Wei-Ming Ho (2011, 6 minutes)
Post Newtonianism – Josh Bricker (2010, 6 minutes)
Codes of Honor – Jon Rafman (2011, 14 minutes)

Sunday Night, February 24, @ VideoFag.
Bonus Stage 2: F@n F_ck3ry + Festival Closing Party!

Weird and wonderful experimentations and creative interventions made by fans. This night promises to be strange.


My Trip to Liberty City – Jim Munroe (2003, 9 minutes)
Skooma – Mark Pellegrino (2010, 2 minutes)
SHITEST REMIX EVUR LOL ***** OMGZ IZ THAT RAINBOW ROADZZZZ? LOLZ WARIO???********* – Bryan Peterson (2012, 1 minute)
Pargu – Sean Grounds (2011, 4 minutes)
Election: Total War – Mat Lindenberg (2012, 3 minutes)
KROJC music video for the song Pirx – Tomasz Wlaźlak (2012, 2 minutes)
Such Is Life. – David Musgrave (2010, 2 minutes)
World Head Law – Edward Shallow (2012, 2 minutes)



Somewhere between formal panel and casual conversation, participants joined Vector artists as well as local thinkers on various topics of discussion related to game art.

Friday, February 22nd. 5pm
Games + Art : Play and Practice.
 (@ Bento Miso)

Moderated by Aubrey Anable.
 Luis Hernandez, Kenton Sheely, Angela Washko, Damian Sommer.
A discussion about the intersections between game art , game culture and the relationship between production and player practices.

Saturday, Februrary 23rd. 3pm.
Feminism in Games + Game Art.
 (@ Bento Miso)

Moderated by Alison Harvey.
Panelists: Cecily Carver, PartyTime!Hexcellent! (Rachel Weil), Cindy Poremba, Sanda Danilovic, Emma Westecott
A conversation centered around feminist practices in both game based and game art based production.

Saturday, February 23rd. 5pm.
Dames Making Games Februrary Social and feb-fatale Arcade!
 (@Bento Miso).

Following the feminist round table discussion, promotional sponsors Dames Making Games will be hosting their February Social, which will feature an Arcade consisting of games made during their feb-fatale game jam, featuring feminist games with a noir twist!

Sunday, February 24th. 3pm
The Politics of Appropriation in Game Art.
 (@ Bento Miso)

Moderated by Felan Parker.  
Panelists: foci+loci (Chris Burke + Tamara Yadao), Martin Zeilinger, Alex Myers.
Discussions of hacking, modding and other unsanctioned  subversions employed in game art production.


Friday, February 22nd. 10pm. @ Interaccess.
Playing Personae: Engendered + Embodied Performances.

Featuring Performances by Angela Washko (NYC), 
and Daniele Hopkins + Kyle Duffield (Toronto).
Using games as the focal point for discussions of gender and embodiment, these performances address the representations of gender in gaming culture and technologies.

Saturday, February 23rd. 10pm @ Interaccess
Engines of Performance.

Featuring performances by Toca Loca (Toronto) 
and Foci+Loci (NYC).
Game engines as tools for live performance. Toca Loca will be performing their Halo Ballet (a live choreographed ballet performance in Halo, featuring a live musical score).  Foci+Loci creates live electro-acoustic sound pieces using custom game levels built in Sony’s LittleBigPlanet.


Saturday, February 23rd, 12-5pm.
Led by Jeff Alynak (Jefftheworld), Roger Bongers (.exe) and Pete O’hearn (bossfyte).
Create music, noise and sound art using a variety of video game technologies.

Saturday, February 23rd. 12-5pm.
 (@ Bento Miso).
Led by William Robinson and Alison Pattern.
4 teams will take classic boardgames and remix them to create new games.

Sunday, February 24th. 12pm-5pm.
micro.Twine.jam. (@Bento Miso)

Led by Damian Sommer.
Make short interactive text adventures using Twine, a free user friendly tool for interactive fiction creation.

Sunday, February 24th. 1pm-6pm.
Led by clint enns and notendo (Jeff Donaldson).
Learn to create glitch art by circuit bending video game consoles.