2015 Performance Night. Variations on a Theme: Computer Music{s}


Variations on a Theme: Computer Music{s}
Saturday, February 21st, Doors at 8pm
@Interaccess (9 Ossington Avenue).
(tickets are $10).

This year’s performance night at Vector reflects our curatorial and scholarly fascinations with the use of gaming and new media technologies in the composition of live music. This evening’s program explores a wide array of interpretations of the theme “Computer Music,” for which, in our curatorial opinion, no single definition does (or, indeed, should!) exist. Accordingly, the performers touch on manifold compositional and performance practices that use the computer as a primary expressive tool.

The performance night features three Canadian artists whose approaches to computer-based composition and performance are remarkably different. frAncIs (Toronto) will be performing using live coding environments, creating live electronic music on-the-fly based on algorithms composed in real time. Devon Hansen (Montreal) employs the computer in the creation of sample-based and acousmatic soundscapes. Finally, JefftheWorld (Toronto), a staple of the Toronto chipmusic scene, will be performing using music tracking software for vintage computational platforms including MS-DOS and the Commordore Amiga.

All this may sound heady, but don’t be fooled – come prepared for a highly danceable night, full of bleeps, a few bloops, baselines and live visuals!

Ian Jarvis is a Toronto-based sound artist, composer, songwriter and media producer. He is often the mouthpiece of frAncIs, who is best described as an Audio Being and the illegitimate offspring of the right side of Ian’s brain and the slightly abused digital media that authenticates his life. Their interaction often results in what might be described as music and sound art. Much of the work is motivated by the implications of technology on creative practices and the development of personal identities. Recent works are included on the NAISA Deep Wireless 8 CD, the Cybernetic Orchestra’s debut CD ESP.beat, and have been presented at the Hamilton Art Crawl, the Sheridan Gallery, and the 2012 Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium. He creates “The Becoming of an Audiophile” for NAISA webcast, and composes and produces various audio projects under the names Audio Being and Caught In The Groove.

Heavy basslines, frantic rhythms and airy leads. With an arsenal of antiquated hardware and software – Game Boys, Atari computers, DOS software – coupled with cutting edge and homebrew technology – Kaoss Pads, circuit-bent keyboards, Guitar Hero controllers – jefftheworld pumps out some seriously fun music.

It’s not known whether the handle “jefftheworld” appeared first on neopets or Diablo II, though its owner fervently claims the latter. An avid gamer, programmer, hacker and DIY fanatic, Jeff “jefftheworld” Alyanak grew up as the son of a music studio owning father and a singer/songwriter mother, so it’s no surprise that he put all of those elements together and began using his old game boys & nintendos to make crazy chip music.

Devon Hansen is an American artist working in sound and video. His material has been released under a number of guises and genres by labels in the United States, the UK and Japan. In his sound work, he is often interested in the nature of timbre in wood and metal, the use of unlikely materials in improvised percussion, and the narrative potential of drone and soundscape composition. He is currently enrolled in the Electroacoustic Studies program at Concordia University, and is based in Montreal.