2015 Call for Gamebuino Proposals


Team Vector is soliciting proposals for interactive media art works or games built for the Arduino-based open source “Gamebuino” platform.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Gamebuino, it was successfully kickstarted mid-2014, and already has a lively community of tinkerers and developers experimenting with the platform.

We have two consoles (which can be connected for multiplayer play) ready to use for showing the submitted works, which we are planning to exhibit at events in Canada and Europe in 2015! If you are an artist, programmer, tinkerer or enthusiast, send us your ideas for an media art work or game you would like to program for us, to vectorgameartfest[at]gmail[dot]com.

As usual, Team Vector is seeking proposals which are centered on experimental practices, which produce unique, novel and critical experiences. We have yet to set a deadline for this call, but given varied work schedules and timelines of those who propose work to us, we believe the sooner, the better! We look forward to hearing from you.