2015 DMG x Vector: Feb Fatale 3: Killer Interfaces


DMG x VECTOR: FEB FATALE 3: Killer Interfaces Speaker Social
@ BENTO MISO (862 Richmond St. West)
Saturday, February 21st @5pm.

For the third year in a row, we’re partnering with Toronto’s Dames Making Games to present their Feb Fatale Game Jam and Speaker’s social!

This year, the theme is “Killer Interfaces”.  The Game Jam will be taking place on the weekend of February 7th, where participants have 48hrs to create games featuring: “rampaging anthropomorphic vehicles, deadly robotesses and remote-controlled humanoid vigilantes, amazing / unusual / weird / big user interfaces, death and disempowerment to the machines.”

Then, during Vector 2015, on Saturday, February 21st, @5pm. Jam participants will be showcasing their games at the DMG x Vector Speakers Social and Showcase!!

For more information on how to get involved with this Jam, or the amazing work that DMG does for the community in Toronto, take a look at their event page for the jam, and the DMG website.

We’re excited to see what kind of strange and marvellous and dangerous machines DMG members and jam participants bring to life!