2014 Call for Submissions

To curate the multiple events for the festival, Team Vector employs a programming practice that draws on multiple streams: Vector 2014’s programme will be a combination of curated works, commissioned works, and works received through an open call for submissions.

In our experience, game artists often encounter difficulties finding appropriate venues for their work. By issuing an annual open call, our ambition is to realize the vision of a truly inclusive festival programme. One of the ways in which we do so is by not asking submitting artists for fees of any kind. We understand that submitting to multiple festivals can be a financial strain on artists. Therefore, submitting your work to Vector 2014 is free!

It is important, however, that you follow our submission guidelines, and fill out a vector submission form with your work.

We currently have two separate calls for the festival:
1. for the exhibiting of artworks
2. for a screening of film/video/machinima works.

The deadline for all submissions is January 1, 2014.

Please take a look at these individual calls. Last year we received over 100 submissions for the festival, and we look forward to seeing the submissions for 2014.

Once again: we do not ask for submission fees. In addition, Team Vector is committed to paying artist fees to all individuals and collectives contributing to Vector 2014.