(2014 Satellite Event) Vector at the Long Winter Arcade


For the January 2014 edition of the Long Winter Series. we were invited to curate an arcade of unique, and / or experimental games. Given the large nature of this series of art parties, we curated a selection of local multiplayer games that would not only engage a large number of players at once, but also provide an entertaining spectacle to those watching people play. We thank the organizers of the Long Winter for inviting us to collaborate on such a fantastic interdisciplinary event series.

Below you will find the games we selected.  You can see more images from this event on our FLICKR page.

 Tay Bai Woo: Chopsquares.


 Blue Square’s ultimate nemesis Red Square is for reals angry. They face off once and for all in square to square combat, choppin’ each other’s bods mercilessly. They spin through the air, in an endless struggle.

CHOPSQUARES is a small two-player versus game, where each player is a square, a square with a sword on its head. Time slows the closer both squares get. If the sword touches the other square’s body they are dead.

 Alex Martin (aka Droqen): Shotguns in the Dark.


 A 2 player versus mode game where you fight your opponent in a darkened maze, only the flash of your shotguns reveal your location.

 KO-OP Mode (Montreal): Kung Fu Volleyball.


Are you ready for battle? Montreal’s KO-OP Mode brings you a volleyball game unlike you’ve ever seen! Soar through the air and use your Kung Fu Powers to score points against your opponent in this 1 on 1 Kung Fu inspired sports game.

Creative Technologies of Toronto (CTT): Crack-a-Quack.

Crack-a-Quack is a mobile AR game, which pays tribute to the classic duck shooting galleries of old carnivals as well as the classic shooter Duck Hunt for the NES. Instead of a light gun and a television however, visitors to the Long Winter Arcade can download a small app, and use their own phones as the “zapper” while shooting targets on a large projected screen. This game allows for multiple users at the same time, where you can compete with other players to achieve the high score.