2014 Machinima + Contemporary Art

Friday, Feb 21st. 6pm-8pm.
(@Bento Miso, 862 Richmond St. W)

machinimapanel copy

Often associated with gaming fan cultures, machinima (the practice of using video game footage in films and animation) has seen the rise of a critical practice, employed by contemporary artists. At one point does machinima move from fan cultures to artistic discourse? How are the aesthetic/ narrative/ commentaries different between fan employment of machima and artists’ employment of machinima? What are the common tools used to accomplish such works?

Join us for a critical conversation about machinima and its intersections with contemporary art practice, spanning a discussion of games, glitch art, live performance and more.

Panelists: Eddo Stern,  Clint Enns, Foci + Loci (Chris Burke + Tamara Yadao), Isabelle Arvers, Angela Washko
Moderator: Emma Westacott (OCADu)