2014 Impedance Exhibition Panel

Sat, Feb 22nd 3:00pm-5:00pm
(@Bento Miso, 862 Richmond St. W)

impedancepanel copy

This panel will feature artists whose work is being exhibited in the Impedance exhibition at InterAccess during Vector 2104. With the medium of games becoming increasingly pervasive, it is no wonder that games makers have begun to employ the medium as a means of engaging in political discourse. However, what considerations are made by these artists when undertaking such work? What aesthetic and critical conditions must be made in order to achieve political engagement through the medium? How does this kind of work impact above ground gaming cultures?

Join us for a conversation on the many ways in which artists are employing games which critique the politics of surveillance, media manipulation, propaganda, warfare, race and more.

Panelists: Jim Munroe, Alex Myers, Kent Sheely, Soha El Sabaawi.
Moderator: TBA.