2014 CODE + CIRCUITS: An AlgoRave (@Interaccess)

Saturday, February 22nd. 9pm-Late.
@Interaccess. 9 Ossington Ave.

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The first question you might have is: What’s an algorave? An algorave is a type of dance party. Instead of music being spinned by DJs or other forms of live electronic performance, music at an algorave is performed through live coding algorithms that produce electronic music. This evenings group of performers create music live by either manipulating the circuits of electronic toys, or through coding on video game hardware, or in live code computer environments.

For this evening, we have selected a number of performers, who bring a unique perspective to electronic music and visual production through the manipulation of Code and Circuitry.

Featuring musical performances by: Thesis Sahib (9.30pm) and the Cybernetic Orchestra (10.15pm) with live visuals performed by: Partytime! Hexcellent!

Join us for a night of live electronic music, hiphop and retro-fuelled glitch 8 bit visuals! We are very excited to present to you these unique performances in an evening that is not to be missed!

Tickets = $10 in Advance, $12 at the Door.


Thesis Sahib/James Kirkpatrick has been contributing to the underground hip hop movement for the past sixteen years. Expect a show consisting of rapid-fire delivery vocals, harmonic vocals and imaginative lyrics combined with circuit-bent electronic toys, compositions written on modified Gameboys.


The Cybernetic Orchestra, based at Hamilton’s McMaster University, is an innovative ‘live coding’ ensemble performing electronic music that is programmed in real time in the open source SuperCollider programming language. Now entering its third year of activity, the Cybernetic Orchestra has performed in Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto and, last summer, at the international live coding festival in Karlsruhe, Germany. Live coding is a challenging, playful performance practice in which code is written and manipulated live on stage to create sound and/or visuals. Sharing their screens with each other and with audiences, and shedding the constraints of proprietary programming tools, live coding artists turn many traditional programming conventions on their heads, and push the limits of electronic dance music and new music to explore the possibilities of improvised code-based audio-visual art.

Tonight’s performance will feature an algorave by members of the Cybernetic Orchestra, including: Jason Rule, frAncIs, Ginny Beasley, Turing Heat, and d0kt0r0



Party Time! Hexcellent! (Rachel Simone Weil) performs live, generatively-glitching visual art for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Her work highlights the both the fractures in and possibilities for viewing video-game nostalgia as nostalgia for girlhood.

Rachel Simone Weil is a Design MFA candidate at the University of Texas where she studies retrogame and retrocomputing cultures via girlhood nostalgia. She develops games and art installations for the NES game console under the alias Party Time! Hexcellent! and is also the founder of the FEMICOM Museum.