Vector Festival 2017

July 13-16th


1) Canadian media artist Ben Bogart’s ‘Watching Blade Runner’ is the first installment of an ongoing experiment in computer vision and machine learning, which premiered at this year’s Berlin Transmediale and was featured in the Whitney’s Dreamlands exhibition. The single-channel video installation is the audiovisual creation of an artificial intelligence (AI) designed by the artist to watch, understand, and reconstitute the most recognizable films about AI – Ridley Scott’s adaptation of the famous Philip K. Dick novella.

2) This year, we are excited to add a new format to the festival: an online exhibition showcasing web-based experiments with game engines and interactive new media creations. The exhibition, which will bring Vector to the farthest fringes of the networked world, features playful new digital works that oscillate between 8bit nostalgia and post-Internet aesthetics, including contributions by artists such as Vector veteran Hannah Epstein and Toronto-based Sagan Yee.

3) Vector co-founder Clint Enns is curating an extraordinary screening that pays homage to the extravagant, edgy, and plain crazy history and continued activities of the demoscene, a loose international community of programmers, hackers and designers (originally often involved in breaking video game copy protection) who create self-contained, audio-visual code-based works that range from minuscule visual abstractions to over-the-top epics. The majority of the work will be screened from executable files, rather than video, reframing the “demo” as a micro-cinema format.

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Image: A Short History of the Gaze by Molleindustria (2016)